steveChanks_grimDandy_01My journey into the addictive craft of Cigar Box Guitar building began around 2010. I was intrigued by these primitive guitars and wanted one to fiddle around on, to expand my musical horizons, something that wouldn’t allow me to play my same ol’ Metallica and Megadeth riffs.

I hunted for places to buy them but there were none. What I did find were tons of rough and raw plans for building your very own. I collected everything I found from old plans to build a diddley bo to forum posts about the trials and errors of building.

It seemed I wasn’t alone, a budding online community of builders were sharing everything they knew and when I set out to build my first gitty I had just about all the necessary knowledge as the next guy.

With my first build I cautiously followed all the advice I had gathered. It was beautiful. played great and sounded like the Delta. I was hooked. I immediately built two more and improved my skills and when I proudly posted them on Facebook I instantly had offers for them. I built a few more and honed my design and the kept improving. A few craft fairs, a bunch of sales and almost 100 builds and I now proudly call myself a Kitchen-Table Luthier.